About Paddy

An award-winning Industrial Designer and Project Manager, currently based in Toronto, with more than thirteen years of experience. I have experience in numerous industries including film/television, residential design-build, retail fixturing, custom architectural fabrication, exhibits, and infotainment & attractions holding various project roles.

A creative leader and industrial designer from the get-go, I began my career in the film and television industry as a designer and fabricator, before traversing industries in pursuit of my passion for unique architectural projects. I'm currently the Creative Director at Holman Exhibits.

Paddy's Story

My knowledge and experience was first developed formally during the completion of a Bachelor of Science honours degree in Special Effects. I am a strong performer in direct client interaction, managing and directing creative teams, and working with 30+ national & international brands.  I am a creative professional focused on quality and detail, with a solid understanding of building techniques and materials.

I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Special Effects from London South Bank University, England where I graduated with honours in 2003. My studies leading up to university were focused in the sciences and mathematics. However, I could argue, that my education started long before, as a kid growing up on the small island of Jersey, in the English Channel, I was always dreaming, exploring, drawing, painting, and building.

My creativity and curiosity is fuelled by my love of travel and how things work, my misspent youth as a Sergeant in HM Royal Marines Cadets, my time as a cowboy in the Australian Outback, and my previous 'career' as a PADI Divemaster in the Philippines and Australia's Great Barrier Reef.