Where can you work?

Anywhere you let me!    I'm a British citizen and a Canadian permanent resident...but I'm willing to relocate wherever you need me. Australia has captivated me since my travel days!

What software do you use?

I'm a professional user of Solidworks, and highly proficient at Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, and I use InDesign often.
I know my way around Sketchup, and I'm currently dabbling with REVIT and ArchiCAD...Which is better?  I welcome your thoughts!
I'm also highly proficient with the basics...Word, Excel, Acrobat...

Do you only work on a computer?

No.  I'm very hands on.    I have extensive experience building scale models & props, using rapid-prototyping technologies, as well as working on residential & commercial construction projects.    But I know when specialists are required...that's where my Project Management experience comes into play.

Can you deal with clients face-to-face?

Absolutely!   I love dealing with clients...a picture paints a thousand words, but an enthusiastic and passionate designer can sell an idea like nobody else...a good project manager can get everybody onboard!