Concept Design

Working very closely with clients to transform their hopes and dreams; helping them translate their thoughts and ideas into tangible designs they can see.

Design Engineering

The most rewarding part of any job is taking concept designs and ideas, and figuring out how to bring them to life in the real world.  No easy task, by any means!


Extensive research and development is a critical part of every project. Understanding new technologies and inventing new techniques is all part of the fun!



No matter what the project entails, in depth knowledge of products and materials is critical. Wood, plastics, metal, fabric, lighting, fiberglass, printed products, hardware - got it covered!  Something else...that's what R&D is for.

Prototyping & Testing

When the client's money is at stake, test, and test again!  3D printing is a must these days, but sometimes old fashioned model making is the way to go.

Design Execution

Comprehensive technical drawings, including supporting documentation for materials & products, as well as installation instructions are critical.

Project Management

Essential for the success of any project.  But budgets and schedules are only a part of the story - people coordination is at the core of this crucial step!


The project is a bust if it can't be made - don't worry, that's covered too.  Extensive experience in managing artisan craftspeople and building trades alike will ensure you project is built exactly to spec, with the highest attention to detail.  And if necessary Paddy will take care of it himself - an experienced and skilled fabricator-builder, he's more than up to the challenge!